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Console & video game questions?

so i plan on getting on getting a ps3 and i already own a xbox 360 and have already tons of games on the 360. should i start all over on owning video games for the ps3? what is it like having 2 consoles, do you put all games on 1 console or even them out?

Ps3 has good games and the xbox has good game that only that console makes and both xbox plus ps3 male some of the same games. If you play online MP then I say stay with the xbox bcuz however it does cost money to play it does have billions of players. Xbox has some good single player games but when ever I have a friend with a Ps3 he says it's better bcuz of the single player games. I don't have a ps3 bcuz I prefer xbox but ps2 was good and I do plan on getting one one day...ok enough rambling. Most people buy what they like and go from there. I have a wii too and have 12 wii games and 18 xbox games.

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